Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brandon Morrow Manages More Than His Pitch Count

There was a good article in the Tacoma Tribune this morning about Brandon Morrow's successful management of Type I diabetes while excelling on the mound in major league baseball.  Teammate Mark Lowe was diagnosed last year with Type II diabetes.  While their challenges are similar, the management of their disease is different. Both use the deck of cards they've been dealt to show that life can still be full of opportunity for diabetics who keep the big picture at the top of their priority list.  Here's the story.   As a parent, I appreciated this reminder of the symptoms of diabetes.  I can see how they could easily be confused with the typical growth spurt of a teenaged athlete.

I'm looking forward to watching Brandon's younger brother Scott pitch in the Adam Westcott Tournament at Casa Grande High School over spring break.

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