Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Need Professionally Produced Video For Your Athlete Or Business?

My Facebook Friend Vernon Glenn is famous around the Bay Area for his Mr. Involvement segments on KRON4 Television. Vern has been a friend of North Bay sports, shooting a Mr. Involvement piece with Jonny Gomes several years ago, working with a local volunteer videographer to cover the State Boys Gymnastics Championships, and giving Camp For A Cure some love on the weekend sports segment he anchored for years. 

Vern, a virtual One Man Band, is launching Vernon Glenn Production, a video journalist production company.  Competing ventures require 4 $pendy peop$ to pull off what Vern does himself. He'll write, produce, edit and infuse your project with talent like none other. What a toolsey dude! You'll never meet a more down to earth TV personality and will have a blast working with him.

If you've got an athlete gunning for a big college scholarship, a business that needs more visibility or an event you want to capture with a professionally produced video, I can vouch for Vern.

Yours truly is celebrating The Big "X"-0 Birthday this summer.  Maybe we'll take Vern on our Montana flyfishing trip to document the boating of Walter, the largest Madison River trout ever caught on a fly.  The Fishing Gods wouldn't let me down on my big day.  But if they do, we'll stage an impromptu bullriding competition at the rodeo grounds. A sure fire memory maker. And a guaranteed medivac trip back to CA in lieu of the usual 16 hour trek through Elko in a Tahoe. Yah. That's a birthday I would remember.

Here are some examples of Vern's work:

Here's an example of his corporate work. Click on the video in the middle.

Here is Vern's business card. Tell him the Pearls of Wisdom sent ya.

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