Thursday, March 19, 2009

Klu Review Redlegs Fans?

I'll bet you a hot dog and a beer that if Jonny Gomes makes the Reds squad, he'll be doing a  "Ted Kluszewski"  on Throw-Back Jersey Day.  Check this guy out.  He was a wee bit before my time but research confirms the flashed more than a fleshy forearm to get the most out of his massive swing.
Four time allstar Kluszewski, 6'-2" and 240 pounds, said the sleeves of his uniform constricted his biceps and shoulders, interfering with with his swing. 

So he ditched 'em.

If anyone would dare bare the guns on a Major League diamond as a cap tip to a former Reds Great, it's Gomes.  I do believe that Jonny is also the only Red in Camp that shares Kluszewski's distinction of surviving a heart attack.  Uniquely qualified.  No word on whether Klu sported an occasional mohawk under his cap but Gomes clearly has him beat in tattoos per square inch.

In 1955, Klu hit 47 homers while striking out only 40 times. I'll bet the front office decided not to mess with that mojo much.  No player since him has hit 40 homers and struck out 40 or fewer times in the same season. Wikipedia tells us that Barry Bonds missed duplicating this feat by one strikeout in 2004.  Now there's some mojo a front office shoulda messed with.

While UnderAmour cradles Major League musculature in considerably more comfort in the 21st century, many major leaguers still modify the heck out of their base layer on a hot day.  Or forego it completely when repping their team at a Professional Wrestling Match.

Or the optional Spring Training "Flexibility Is Your Friend" Yoga sessions.

Yep.  A hot dog and a beer says Reds Fans will see a Klu Review on Throwback Jersey Day 2009.


  1. I remember watching Big Klu as a kid. The Reds, one of the eight teams in the NL were they play each other a zillion times, were always on WGN facing the Cubs. He was one BIG man, at least in those days he was.
    I'm on the train......If Jonny makes the team, he will give us a Big Klu day.

  2. Hola Anonymous! Is this our anonymous CornCub lovin' friend? How are the Cubbies looking this spring?

  3. I put on my posting shoes last night, I've been out of circulation for a while. Made a number of entries at my(our)(TBSN)home, finally. You'll have to head over there and check it out. My cubbies take is there.
    And a Bonus Tacos to you too.


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