Friday, March 20, 2009

A Very Big Little Bird Says Gomes Is On Opening Day Roster

Hal McCoy, Dayton Daily News, is reporting that Jonny Gomes has made the team. Sweet.  Attaboy Jonny.  Fire those boys up and put the fun back in Reds Baseball for legions of fans long overdue for some post-season thrills.  Who is Hal McCoy?  A Hall Of Fame reporter who has been covering the Reds for 36 years, the longest tenure for any active writer covering one team.  Gotta think peeps from his peops are pretty pearlacious.

If you're a PTowner that needs to get up to speed on the Reds, heres a "who's who" and "who's where" that covers the bases pretty well, so to speak.  We don't have much time before Opening Day.  If you want to get in uniform maybe we can get a volume discount on Reds caps ;-)  Or throwback jerseys that free our guns =)


  1. Too cool.
    I was hoping Dusty Baker would see how Jonny can transform a clubhouse into a loose "Frat" feel with no drama and a whole lot of energy.

    First the Rays do not offer him arbitration, then he gets married, now a shot to regain the Gomes swagger in another great town. Congrats Jonny. We may miss you in St. Petersburg, but I am happy you have a home in left field in Cincy.

  2. Yeah, I agree. Johnny's a great guy who can put a charge into a baseball when he's on and puts a charge into his baseball team all the time. Hope he has a nice year up in Cincy.


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