Saturday, March 28, 2009

Holy Ticketstubs Batman! Now, THAT is a fundraiser!

Excellent.  Got you to click ;-)

When I was in high school, we took for granted that the team would always have fields to play on, paid "staff" to make 'em pretty, new uniforms every couple of years, and plenty of decent equipment.  It never occurred to us that people might actually set fire to the equipment shed and snack bar built as a memorial to a beloved coach.  Not once, or twice.  But three times. It also never occurred to us that our coaches didn't get big fat paychecks for all the hours spent on the field or on long bus rides to distant games. Our high school coaches juggled behind-the-wheel Driver Education duties, coaching and teaching duties, but they answered to one boss. They didn't have to burn the candle at both ends to have a competitive team.

Times have changed.  Today's typical public high school coaches often do it for the love of the game.   They spend dozens of hours chasing donations for the facilities, equipment, unis, and supplies that tax dollars used to cover. Coaches and parents do the groundskeeping. Buses?  What buses?  Varsity uniforms are replaced occasionally and the Frosh and JV get the hand-me-downs.  If a coach gets a stipend, it's probably just enough to pay the babysitter or buy a burger on the way home cuz the rest of the family has already eaten.

With all sports facing these challenges, families are up to their eyeballs in spaghetti feeds, cookie dough, and other fundraisers by the end of the year. So we cooked up something a little different for Casa Grande Baseball.  A raffle with tickets that practically sell themselves.  Check it out. Or click the pic below for a better view. The most popular home electronics, gaming systems, a ZAP electric scooter and cold hard cash.  Sweet!

If you're a big-hearted fan of high school baseball or just think $15 or $25 worth of tickes is a pretty good bet on some of this great loot, let me know. I'll have a player get in touch with you. Out of towner?  No worries.  We ship!  Tickets are $15 each, 2 for $25, 5 for $50 and 11 for $100.  Then, join us at Beyond The Glory the night of the raffle for the thrill of victory.  Or take the sting out of the agony of defeat with a Glory Burger and an ice cold brew.

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