Monday, March 30, 2009

And Then There Were 33...

...Redlegs left in camp.  And PTown's Jonny Gomes is among them despite a rather cool week at the plate.  Let's all conjur up some good karma for #31.  Would be nice to see him hit 'em where they ain't this week and nail down a roster spot with a swagger and plenty of momentum going into the regular season.  The Reds trimmed the roster sending two competitors for the LF spot to AAA (where there is probably only room for one).  Chris Dickerson has kept up the pace all Spring and appears to be a lock as the starter patrolling left field for the Reds on Opening Day.

Meanwhile, Rohnert Park's Brandon Morrow has announced that he will be returning to the bullpen not to build strength and return to the rotation later this spring (last week's speculation), but to be the Mariners' closer. There was some chatter last week that Brandon might start the season in the AAA Tacoma rotation and return to Seattle as a starter once he developed "starter stamina" so I've been waiting to see which way it was gonna go. Personally, I think it's all a grand conspiracy.  A back room deal struck by Billy Beane  who knows that with Morrow as a closer, North Bay baseball fans will have to buy tickies to more than one game in Oakland to improve their chances of seeing Morrow on the mound.  No word on the Players To Be Named Later that Seattle is poised to receive at the Trade Deadline, but hopefully it includes at least half of the truckload of guys pencilled in for 1B.  Gotta make some room for Sonoma's Tommy Everidge! Or maybe Billy will engineer a blockbuster three-way with the Giants to deliver Lincecum back to the embrace of his hometown homies.

But for an actual account of what's really gonna happen, Tim Smith (AP Sports) and Dead Cats' Bounce dig into the nitty gritty.

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