Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Seeing Red...

 ... about the mere possibility that Gary Sheffield might bump PTown's Gomes from the 25 man roster on Opening Day.  It's more than a rumor.  Dusty and Sheff are "homies" once removed.  Oh puh-lee-uzz! I'll arrange you a ride in someone else's Lamborghini. Room for your a$$ and a pint of ga$ really doesn't seem your style Dusty.

The Rays didn't go from Worst To First last season by picking up every hot hitting has been off the cutting room floor.  The artfully stitched together a group of personalities and talents.  Together, they created a critical mass that exceeded the sum of what anyone expected of them this time last year. Intangibles, arguably, carried them all the way to the World Series.

So... Dusty...  Don't do this thing. Use your network to find the guy a job.  But not in Cincinnati. Or Louisville for that matter.

PTown's got your back Jonny.


  1. Crusty Dusty is a terrible manager, and he likes to have his buddies on the team, regardless whether they stink or not. Sheff was a good player for quite a while, not anymore. And he's a puke of a person.

    Walt Jockety is a smart cookie, I hope he doesn't let it happen. Go Jonny!

  2. Yep. I hope Walt shuts it down. Check out this nasty quote from 2002 in an interview with USA Today:

    USA: What three parks do you hate?

    GS: "Cincinnati's stadium is No. 1. I hate that place. What's there to like? They have all those different colored seats, and it's just a stale place. Nothing is good about it.

    "Montreal is second. You go there, it's like you're back in spring training.

    "Third, is St. Louis. It's just too hot. And all that red in the seats makes it seem hotter."

    Now I realize Cincinnati got a new stadium the following season, but I think it says a lot about the bad mojo this guy would bring to town. Not to mention St. Louis where he would be expected to spend a lot of time in the heat in a Reds uni. And come off the bench with a good attitude. Frequently. You nailed it anonymous.

    BTW, Gomes had a pinch hit single today. Way to end ST on a high note. No doubt, he's feeling the love.


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