Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Little Bird Is A Big Turkey

Several weeks a ago, a "little bird" told Dayton Daily News reporter, Hank McCoy that Jonny Gomes had made the team.  But the Powers That Be had a change of heart and have gone another direction.  More later.  Once the Stresstab kicks in.

Update:  Here's Dusty's official explanation...  CF Tavarez is sick, and a little hurt, so they need a CF with McDonald getting the nod.  He's told Jonny to go to Louisville and focus on hitting, not just slugging.  Cincinnati and much of America's heartland is left scratching their heads on how Nix makes the roster and Gomes does not.  Yes Nix is a lefty off the bench but when hitting well below the Mendoza, doesn't seem like that's saying much. Both Hairston and Dickerson are injury prone so there are likely to be opportunities in Cincy if Jonny decides to accept the assignment to Louisville.

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