Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rays Roster Rumblings

Everyone else is doing it so here are PTownFan's Playoff Roster pics. The actual roster should be leaked by noon or so.  Despite the MLB's memo that it be kept under wraps 'til game day.

As you know, the teams need to skinny down from their September Call-Up high of 32 players. 25 is the limit. Since no one really cares what I think :-) my roster has been artificially inflated to 26 players. Joe Maddon and the other Powers That Be are paid the big bucks. Let them whittle it by one. The new T-Shirt can say 26 - 1 = I Sure Hope You Were Right (Again).

Presumably, all these guys are eligible. The MLB's rules on that are posted in some super secret book somewhere.  Ask three people what they are, you'll get three different qualified answers. The Rays have a couple of pitchers and a catchers on the DL. Whether a pitcher or catcher on the DL today creates eligibility for an OF who wasn't on the 25 man on August 31st is a question that may only be answered if Jonny Gomes or Dan Johnson end up on the playoff roster.  Yes, you'll see Jonny Gomes' name on my 26 Man Play Off Roster. This is Petaluma. What do you expect?  No haters...

Here goes.  My cuts are the guys with the sorrowful "what have you done for me lately" line through their names:


Scott Kazmir - starter
David Price
JP Howell
Trevor Miller

James Shields - starter
Edwin Jackson - assign 24 hour protection to this guy. We may need him.
Matt Garza - starter
Andy Sonnanstine - will be a secret weapon from the pen or 4th starter if they go that route
Troy Percival
Dan Wheeler
Grant Balfour
Chad Bradford
Jason Hammel

POSITION PLAYERS (Hits Right/Hits Left/Switch Hitter):
Catchers: Dioner Navarro (S), John Jaso (R), Michel Hernandez (L) Infielders: Evan Longoria (R), Jason Bartlett (R), Akinori Iwamura (L), Carlos Pena (L), Willie Aybar (S) Ben Zobrist (S), Dan Johnson (L)
Outfielders: B.J. Upton (R), Carl Crawford (L), Gabe Gross (L), Fernando Perez (S) Justin Ruggiano (R), Jonny Gomes (R), Eric Hinske (L), Rocco Baldelli (R).
Designated Hitter: Cliff Floyd (L)

  • Cutting Percy was not an easy call. Just can't trust Percy to tell us if he's 100% on a given night. Can't trust Maddon not to leave his long time friend out there for one too many pitches.
  • I liked Jaso's limited work behind the plate better than Hernandez but they might go with Hernandez' left handed bat.  I like Riggans better than either of them if he can continue to expedite his return from the DL.
  • I could be convinced that 11 pitchers is a stronger roster and would probably add Niemann over Jackson. Of course that means bumping another OF.  Rocco is on the bubble.  As much as we love him, I'm not sure he can play 100% every day.  IMHO, Rocco at 75% is only a more valuable player than Gomes at 100% about 50% of the time.  That is not a widely shared view, but that's how I see it.  Neither Jonny or Rocco figure to get many ABs during the playoffs.  My hunch is that Jonny contributes more dugout intangibles than Rocco does.  They're both fan favorites. The PTBs have a tough decision.  Whatever happens, Perez has to make the roster.
  • Honestly, Hinske has not rocked the Trop in September.  But he had a great 1st half. I'm glad I don't have to pare this thing down to 25.
Feel free to comment.  Remember, this is just for fun.  I don't even have the advertising option turned on for The Pearls of Wisdom, tempting as it is to make a nickel off each of your mouseclicks ;-)


  1. I still don't think Crawford is able to swing a bat. I'd leave him off the ALDS.

  2. He played in two Florida Instructional League games and Maddon has said he's definitely on the roster in LF Thursday, though probably not in his usual spot in the lineup. (St. Pete Times)Since they already activated him, he might only be eligible for the WS if they don't put him on the ALDS roster. If they hadn't activated him, seems they could have let him get his game back then brought him on for the ALCS. But what do I know. With CC, BJ and Rocco all less than 100% and Floyd a twisted knee away from the DL, Perez has GOT to be on this roster.


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