Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CUP O' JO - Nov 26, 2008

TOMMY EVERIDGE - Los Gigantes de Carolina, Puerto Rico (1B, Oakland A's Organization - Midland Rockhounds, AA) Tommy returned as DH in yesterday's 4-2 loss to the Mayaguez Indios.  He was 0-for-four on the night with a K, a ground out, and two fly outs.  Carolina remains in last place, 4.5 games back.

JASON LANE - Tiburones de La Guaira, Venezuela (OF, 2008 Red Sox Organization - Pawtuckett, AAA):  Did not play in yesterday's 1-0 loss to Los Tigres. They hope to pick up a game on the second place Cardenales today.
Since the beisbol highlights are few, let's see how the opposing Manager's chatter translates via Google-ator:
"Hector interviewed by the Cordaid anteroom to the radio transmission, the manager Carlos Suber noted that the team is not yet playing at full capacity, but said that even when you do so you can lose games. His words were, more or less: "Sometimes you lose playing well, because the team plays better, or because their batazos are more rendidores. That was exactly what happened Tuesday night at the Jose Perez Colmenares of Maracay, in the match in which the Aragua Tigers defeated the Guaira Sharks of the slate with 1 race to zero."
Fascinating.  Hopefully the Thanksgiving Day Cup O' Jo will be more entertaining.  If I get to it.  Lotsa slicing, dicing, and pie making today.  And that red dining room is da bomb. Benjamin Moore's "caliente" is muy perfecto!

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